Lab Guidebook and more



Ordering consumables: 
  • Fill in the order form at your disposal at Vivianne’s place or in the documents box on your right ⇒
  • Indicate full details of supplier, reference of the product and tick the required information boxes
  • Have the order form signed by the person responsible of the project
To place the order in Expereact, please hand over the signed order form to:
All orders besides histology and immunology
Histology & immunology
The order will be entered in the Expereact-system and released by Vivianne.
Should Vivianne and Christel be absent, please contact Fabienne or Aline.
No order will be accepted without a correctly filled and signed order form.
Please contact Vivianne for further information or help.
Ordering animals and access to CPG animal house units:
Before you pass an animal order form to the CPG, it is compulsory to have it signed by Bernard Schneider or Philippe Colin. Please do not forget to add the protocol to each order form. You find the order form for animals and the protocol in the documents box on your right ⇒
Please strictly observe the rules for SV members, Master students and visitors to access the animal house units. They are published on the link below
Links to the reservation systems of School of Life Sciences:
to book confernece rooms
to book material
Health and Safety:
All information about Health and Safety is available on the following website
Stationary and office equipment:
At your disposal or to be ordered at/by the secretariat.
Registration (seminars, conferences, etc.):
All registration requiring a credit card has to be made at the secretariat.
In order to keep the lab files updated, please send systematically every submitted abstract to the secretariat.
As soon as an article has been submitted, please send a copy to the secretariat indicating the name of the journal. Keep it also updated about the status (submitted, in press, published, etc.)
Laboratory books:
Every lab member (post-doc, PhD-student, master student, lab technician) needs to keep a lab book. Upon your arrival contact the secretariat to collect one. Before you leave the lab, give back all lab books to the secretariat together with all your relevant data on DVD.
Shipping biological samples:
Shipments with biological material, not dangerous and not bio-hazardous:
Contact the secretariat (with full address and phone number of consignee) before 10:30 am to send it on the same day. If the consignee pays the freight charges, please indicate his FedEx account number.
Shipments with dangerous goods:
Please contact Bernard Schneider and Vivianne Padrun as soon as possible to check packaging and the secretariat for the shipping documents.
Sending mail:
For domestic and international business letters barcode labels stamps are at your disposal at the secretariat.
For the Microsynth DNA-sequencing-service prepaid envelopes are available in the lab. A special Microsynth letterbox is placed next to the counter of the magasin central in the SV building, level 0, collection time is at 15:15 from Monday to Friday. Please ask Fabienne if you need more information.
The letterboxes for internal and external mail of station 19 are in room SV 0409, collection time is 16:00 from Monday to Friday.
Mail delivery:
Incoming mail is delivered every morning to your pigeonhole in front of the secretariat (AI 2241).
SBB/CFF half fare card and train tickets:
All EPFL employees receive a half fare card for the Swiss Federal Railway free of charge. You will receive a form upon your arrival at the lab. The half fare card may be used for business and private trips.
Please contact the secretariat to order train tickets for your business trips latest 4 days prior departure.
Travel in Switzerland for business purpose:
You are requested to use public transports for your travel in Switzerland. If public transportation is not available, you are allowed to take your own car or hire a car. Please contact the secretariat for further details.
Travel outside Switzerland for business purpose:
Each business travel outside Switzerland requires an authorisation and must be approved by Patrick Aebischer or Bernard Schneider. To organise your travel please contact the secretariat as soon as possible but at least 3 weeks prior to departure. Please be advised that you are responsible to check and apply for a visa in case your nationality requires it.
Bring the original receipts to the secretariat. The reimbursement will be made on the same bank account that you have indicated for the salary.
Send a request with the first and last day of your vacation by email to Bernard Schneider and put Marie in cc of the mail.
Once Bernard has approved it he will send you a confirmation mail (cc Marie to keep the account updated). In case you miss lab meetings during your holiday, please keep Patrick informed.
If you do not take all your Holiday during a calendar year, you may take the remaining days until April 30th of the following year. No extension of this date is possible and untaken Holiday will expire.
Duty on weekends and public holidays (for technicians only, not valid for post-doc or phd-students):
Technicians: before working on weekends or on public holidays you must get the approval from Patrick or Bernard first.
Then, send an email to the secretariat and advise the number of hours that you have done. Once you would like to take these hours, please inform Bernard and the secretariat by email.
The employee has to provide a medical certificate as soon as the absence lasts longer than 3 working days.
Please inform the lab secretariat as of the first day of your absence by email.
Medical appointment and other short absence:
Please be advised that you need to inform your supervisor and the secretariat of every absence (medical appointment, official invitation, etc.)
You need to call Mr. Didier Kinget (phone 32088) as soon as possible to declare the accident to SUVA
(accident insurance). Do not forget to inform the lab secretariat at the same time in case you should not be able to work.
Personal details:
Please inform the secretariat of any change such as address, bank account, marital status or so.
Business card EPFL:
You can order EPFL business cards through the lab secretariat. However, it will be at your charge.
100 pieces costs CHF 40.-. Please contact Marie for more information.